We are Estudio Barrera

This site is in re-construction.....


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We are Mónica Barrera-Kowalewski and Bill Kowalewski-Barrera.

Flamenco is a huge part of our life.

This web site grows out of our Flamenco studio that we have in the building behind our home in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.  We want to ¨celebrate¨ the studio and our friends who have enjoyed it.  The studio isn't a commercial enterprise, but a labor of love that we can enjoy along with our good friends.  We consider our flamenco friends to be extended family, and if you know us, you probably know how we feel about flamenco......  By the way,  the background of this page is the floor of the studio.

"You can't have too many flamenco sites",...Bill K-B

If I can make this site better, I will.  If you have any ideas, please contact us.